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    ComfyWear Pads™ | Corrective forefoot soles

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    No more pain in your feet when you wear heels

    You want to look good in your high heels, but you don't want pain in your feet. Wearing heels for a long time causes a lot of tension on your forefeet. Which often leads to a lot of pain and discomfort.

    The ComfyWear Pads™ developed by orthopedists offer the solution! Our forefoot insoles reduce the pressure on the ball of your foot and your feet no longer hurt.

    Wear your favorite shoes for hours without pain

    ComfyWear Pads™ are a great way to help relieve pain in your feet. They are soft and comfortable, and can be worn with any type of shoe . The honeycomb design lets your feet breathe, so you don't get sweaty feet . The pads are one-size-fits-all so you can enjoy your favorite shoes again, without painful feet!

    No unpleasant visits to the physiotherapist

    The ComfyWear Pads™ relieve foot pain by absorbing and redistributing all the pressure on your foot . This not only means you will have less problems with your feet, but you will also improve your running technique , which means you have less chance of ankle, knee or hip injuries. This way you can wear your favorite shoes again and avoid unpleasant visits to the physiotherapist or doctor!

    Pain Relief : ComfyWear Pads™ are soft and comfortable on your feet while helping distribute pressure on the foot to relieve foot pain. This allows you to wear your favorite shoes/heels again without pain! The pads help relieve pain from corns, lumps, plantar fasciitis, tailor's bunion, and more.

    Breathable pads : The pads are made of breathable fabric, which prevents your feet from sweating in your shoes. These flexible pads mold to the shape of your feet and can be worn under socks and/or with different types of shoes (not just heels).

    Safe and Reusable : These state-of-the-art foot pads were made with a medical-grade silicone gel design. ComfyWear Pads™ are safe to wear, non-slip, do not absorb odor or dirt and can be washed and reused.

    Versatility : The Metatarsal gel pads can be worn under socks and with many other types of shoes, such as: sneakers/running/cross-training shoes, walking shoes, tennis shoes, ballet shoes, ski boots and more. Thanks to the different colors, they are easy to combine with all outfits.

    Light and easy to wear: They are made of a slightly stretchy material and are "One size fits all". Because they help distribute the weight/load more evenly and efficiently, they give you a lighter feeling on your feet.

    Treat yourself to wellness every step of the way

    With ComfyWear Pads™ you can walk lightly, as if on a cloud, and you can wear your favorite shoes again without pain. This way you can appear stylish and fashionable again. It's a simple way to give you and your feet more quality for everyday life!

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