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    RayBlock™ | Your reliable clip for sun protection!

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    Protect yourself from harmful radiation with RayBlock™️ - Your latch for sun protection!

    Are you tired of constantly fighting against flapping shade cloth every time the wind picks up ? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to uninterrupted peace with RayBlock™️! This sturdy locking bracket provides reliable security, ensuring your shade cloth remains firmly anchored , regardless of weather conditions.

    Why RayBlock™️ Is Essential for Your Outdoor Space

    Experience the confidence that your outdoor sanctuary is protected with RayBlock™️. The robust locking lever ensures a secure fit, providing unparalleled peace of mind, even in high winds. Say goodbye to the stress of constantly adjusting your shade cloth and embrace effortless relaxation in your outdoor space.


    ✔ Heavy Duty Locking Handle: Our clips are designed to withstand strong winds, keeping your shade cloth securely attached at all times.

    ✔ Effective Pest Control: By creating a barrier between your outdoor space and unwanted pests , RayBlock™️ helps you enjoy a pest-free environment while lounging outdoors.

    ✔ Versatile Use: Whether you need to attach your shade cloth to a fence , post or other surface, RayBlock™️ offers versatile mounting options for all your outdoor needs.

    ✔ Easy Installation: With its simple clamp design, RayBlock™️ is quick and easy to install, saving you time and effort .

    Versatile Solutions for Outdoor Convenience

    RayBlock™️ isn't just about securing shade cloth - it's a versatile tool that provides solutions for all your outdoor needs. From deterring pesky pests to securing various fabrics and materials , these clips offer flexibility and convenience like no other . With RayBlock™️ you have the power to transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and tranquility .

    Comparative table:


    Function RayBlock™️ Average Product
    Sustainability Made of high quality materials for long lasting use May use lower quality materials that are prone to wear and tear
    Safety Sturdy locking handle ensures the shade cloth stays in place May have weaker locking mechanisms, leading to unreliable performance
    Versatility Can be used on different fabrics and surfaces Limited compatibility with specific fabrics and surfaces
    Ease of Installation Simple clamp design for quick and easy installation May require complicated assembly and installation processes

    How To Use FitFlex™:

    1. Identify the edge of your shade cloth where you want to install the clip.
    2. Place the RayBlock™️ clip over the edge of the shade cloth, ensuring it is securely positioned.
    3. Clamp the clip securely to the edge of the shade cloth with the locking handle.
    4. Attach the clip to the desired surface, such as a fence or post, with screws or nails.
    5. Repeat the process as necessary to secure all edges of the shade cloth.

          Product specifications:

          • Material: Plastic
          • Dimensions: Length 102mm
          What's in the box?

          1 x RayBlock™ | Your reliable clip for sun protection!

          Limited offer:

          Don't leave your outdoor space unprotected any longer! Upgrade to RayBlock™️ today and enjoy reliable sun protection without the hassle. Order now and take advantage of our exclusive discount offer!

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