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    Beard Derma Roller Kit - For a beautiful full beard

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    The Ultimate Beard Growth Kit – Menroutine Official

    Do you dream of a good full beard, for yourself or your friend?

    A full beard is what many men dream of, but is not always self-evident. Have you felt that you can never grow a full beard ? Then you're wrong. Because here is the solution you need! The Beard Derma Roller (also called the Micro-Needling Tool) has been proven time and time again to help men all over the world achieve their dream beard. Are you next?

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    Help your beard grow naturally

    By rolling the roller over your skin, small microscopic damage is created in the skin. This encourages the body to repair the damaged cells by improving blood flow to the area . The blood contains nutrients and healthy hormones that initiate the healing process. This process leads to cell proliferation , which causes hair follicles to become thicker and more numerous. The combination with our patented hair growth fluid ensures rapid hair growth.

    Tipp: it also works for your scalp hair!

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    The Beard Derma Roller has already helped many men get a beautiful full beard. Some benefits of the Beard Derma Roller Kit:

    ✔️ Increases collagen production and blood circulation , which also significantly increases beard growth; this is a boost for your self-confidence .

    ✔️ Hair follicles come back to life.

    ✔️Promotes smooth and healthy skin in the applied area.

    ✔️ Reduces wrinkles and skin impurities.

    ✔️ With an effective cream that promotes beard growth. Normally only 1% of the creams are absorbed by the skin, but in combination with the Beard Derma Roller this is up to 90%.

    How to use the Beard Derma Roller:

    ✔️ Start with 2-3 times a week - 1-2 minutes each time - and slowly increase the treatment frequency.

    ✔️ The effective serum can be applied to the skin to be treated before and after the treatment.

    ✔️ Roll the Beard Derma Roller over the skin to be treated without exerting much pressure.

    ✔️ Rinse the Beard Derma Roller under warm water after use and clean the needles with an alcohol spray or immerse them in alcohol.

    Please note: the treated skin may turn red, this is normal. The redness will disappear after a few hours.

    Beard Roller™ Derma Roller for Beard Growth – CGrooming

    Clinically proven

    In a 150-day clinical study, our products have been proven to deliver impressive results for beard growth:

    ✔️ 97% of men activate new facial hair.

    ✔️Improved beard density ( 88 % on average).

    ✔️Improved hair density ( 85 % on average)

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