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    CaulkMateExpress™ - The ultimate 3 in1 caulking tool!

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    The only caulking tool you need for perfect results!

    On the right caulking method to fill the gaps gives a smooth look to the environment. But the correct form of it caulking is not easy because you are not an expert in it. So are you going to caulk in a rough form? If so, our CaulkMateExpress™ will come in handy. These caulking pliers have 5 different sizes of smoothers , so you can caulk in the desired shapes and sizes. This caulking tool is also equipped with a scraper and blade to remove the old to quickly remove residues.


    Convenient use of kit

    Thanks to it ergonomic non-slip design you can apply the tips accurately and with the simple push-pull button you can adjust the tips replaced quickly.



    3 in 1 tool: This kit tools have three functions, including silicone smoother, flat corner scraper and blade scraper. Use it at your own discretion and do perfect caulking in no time.

    5 caulking heads: The package contains five different shapes of interchangeable kit irons (3R, 6R, 10R, 13R & 17R) . So repair and fill the cracks exactly as you see fit.

    2 positions scraper: It stainless steel blade helps you remove old, stubborn sealant to apply the new one. The scraper is used to remove the sealant residue.

    ✔ Versatile use: It can be used on a wide range of surfaces including floors, walls, windows, mirrors, metal and tiles.

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    Portable and lightweight

    Thanks to it small size and its light weight allows you to take it anywhere. It is very suitable for professional and home use.

    Comparative table:

    Feature CaulkMateExpress™ Average Caulking Tool
    3-in-1 Functionality Silicone smoother, flat corner scraper and blade scraper in one Separate tools required for each function
    5 Interchangeable Heads Includes 5 different shapes for versatile caulking Limited heading options for specific shapes
    2-Position Scraper Stainless steel blade for efficient removal of old sealant Single position scraper, may have difficulty with stubborn residue
    Versatility Suitable for various surfaces such as floors, walls, windows, mirrors, metal and tiles Limited application range
    Portability Compact and lightweight for easy use on the go Bulkier and less convenient for travelling

    What's in the box?

    1x CaulkMateExpress™ - The ultimate 3 in1 caulking tool!

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