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    CloudMist™ - Dream Cloud Humidifier!

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    Dream away to a peaceful sleep tonight!

    Have you ever had one? humidifier seen that brings rain? Our beautiful humidifier has a unique rain cloud design which is not only visually appealing, but also helps relieve dryness, making you feel like you are in the middle of nature and relaxation and overall well-being promotes.

    7-color night light

    Our CloudMist™ has a 7-color LED night light function. The soft glow creates a calm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for better breathing, sleep and relaxation . The device works quietly without disturbing noises and provides a quiet environment.


    User-friendly controls - The color of the Led light is easy to set with the button on the left. The middle button serves as an on/off switch and also allows you to use the regulate water yield . The button on the right allows you to control the brightness of the LED light, so you can adjust the atmosphere to your liking.

    ✔ Deep Sleep - Our CloudMist™ is not just a stress-relieving companion, but also an excellent sleeping aid for your family. The unique design makes it a perfect addition to any room and provides both functionality as a soothing atmosphere.

    Night Light - The soothing rain sounds ensure a wonderfully deep sleep, so that you always wake up rested. It cute cloud shaped design works as a soothing night light.

    ✔ Customizable dream experience - Adjust the brightness, color, mist and raindrop mode to your preference and create a unique dream environment that suits your mood and needs. With a capacity of 500 ml you can use as much water as you need.

    Wonderful night's sleep

    The combination of the wonderful sounds and the soothing light in combination with the cute appearance of the cloud, you will fall into a deep sleep within minutes. The better humidity takes care of perfect ambiance for a wonderful night's sleep.

    Comparative table:

    Feature CloudMist™ Average Product
    Unique design Beautiful rain cloud design for visual appeal Standard design without visual appeal
    Night light function 7-color LED night light for a peaceful atmosphere Limited or no night light option
    User-friendly operation Simple buttons for LED light and mist control Complicated controls without clear customization options
    Customizable dream experience Adjust brightness, color, haze and modes to preference Limited customization options

    What's in the box?

    1x CloudMist™ - Dream Cloud Humidifier!

    Limited offer:

    Enhance your relaxation experience with the CloudMist™ Dream Cloud humidifier. Don't miss the opportunity to bring the soothing atmosphere of nature into your home.

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