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    Drill Bits™ - Get what your home needs

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    With these Drill Bits™ you can drill much more accurate and clean holes without having to spend hours searching for the perfect hole or even hiring a professional to do it. These Drill Bits™ can be installed in any drill, including a regular electric drill, a professional drill or even a table top drill. Their distinctive round shape allows you to drill the ideal hole every time. They are stronger and more durable because they are made of high-strength steel. They will perform a variety of tasks for you with accuracy and consistency, while being of the highest caliber. For use with tools such as electric hand drills, bench drills, magnetic drills, etc.

    12-DRIVE SET

    The set includes 12 high-performance drills with sizes ranging from 15-50mm, so you have all the drills you need to create the perfect hole for your job or project.


    They offer faster drilling and cutting speeds, smoother surfaces and reliable performance. They can quickly and accurately cut holes in steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum, fiberglass, formica and other laminates.


    Tungsten carbide steel does not immediately show signs of rust or corrosion. An ideal gift for friends and family members interested in DIY projects, woodworking, plumbing or carpentry.


    To minimize the various health risks, a dust-free working environment is essential. can drill quietly and cut through dense material.

    Sizes included:
    CT7-19/32 inches(15mm), CT7-23/32 inches(18mm),
    CT7- 13/16 inch(20mm),CT7-14/16 inch(22mm),
    CT7-1 inch(25mm), CT7-1-1/32 inch(26mm),
    CT7-1-3/32 inch(28mm), CT7-1-3/16 inch(30mm),
    CT7-1-3/8 inch(35mm),CT7-1-9/16 inch(40mm),
    CT7-1-25/32 inches(45mm), CT7-2 inches(50mm).

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