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    E-saw | the most useful tool for every handyman

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    Cutting wood quickly and efficiently

    Pruning buckthorn bushes in your front yard . Prune overgrown walnut tree branches that shade your window . Want to prune oak branches for your barbecue? Now you no longer have to run to your garage and pull out your heavy, corded chainsaw. It's all possible with a power tool that fits in your hand - the big E-saw.

    Cordless power tool for cutting wood

    Get all your wood carving done without the cumbersome chainsaws and expensive electric shears. This E-saw | the most useful tool for any handyman, performs effectively on all types of wood, is cordless and small in size to fit in any hand and any cabinet. The chainsaw is very strong and durable, and the battery timing is also superior.


    ✔ Durable, fast chain that cuts quickly - The most important part of this E-saw is the moving chain. It is equipped with a strong chain that cuts all types of wood efficiently. With the 4 inch long saw blade length, it cuts wood quickly and cleanly. The chainsaw can be cleaned and oiled by removing the wing nut and is wear-resistant in nature.

    ✔ Cordless Operation - The battery operated mini E-saw comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. It is also integrated with overload protection.

    ✔ Non-slip handle - Provides the user with a secure grip for comfortable use.

    ✔ Saves effort -
    Working with grafting machines and chainsaws is cumbersome and time-consuming. This manual mini chainsaw for cutting wood saves you time and effort.

    ✔ Suitable for all weather conditions -
    The E-saw has a fast exhaust heat dissipation system allowing it to work efficiently in all weather conditions.

    What do our customers say?

    Only tried once due to the winter weather here, but it cut a 2 1/2 inch branch, no problem. Awesome!
    - Are you.

    How to Use the E-saw:

    1. Charge the Battery : Make sure the battery is fully charged before you start. The E-saw comes with a powerful Li-ion battery that guarantees a long working time without recharging.

    2. Safety equipment : Always wear appropriate safety equipment, such as goggles and gloves, to protect yourself from wood chips and dust while cutting.

    3. Installation of the Saw Chain : Check that the chain is correctly installed and sufficiently tensioned; a loose chain can be dangerous and reduce efficiency.

    4. Operation : Hold the saw firmly with both hands and gently place the saw on the wood. Start at a slow speed to maintain control and increase as you become more comfortable.

    5. Maintenance : After use, clean the saw of any sawdust and lightly oil the chain. This ensures that your E-saw remains in optimal condition and extends the life of the saw.

    Characteristic E-saw Average Electric Saw
    Saw chain Durable and fast cutting Less durable, slower
    Wireless Yes, with powerful Li-ion battery Often with cord, limited mobility
    Handle Non-slip for comfortable use Standard handle, possibly smooth
    Efficiency Saves time and effort Less efficient, more effort required
    Weather resistance Efficient in all weather conditions Limited weather resistance

    Product specifications:

    Material: alloy + plastic
    Guide plate dimensions: 4/6 inch

    Suitable for: 6-13 mm three-jaw drill
    Electric drill connecting rod diameter: 7mm/2.2inch


    1* E-saw | the most useful tool for every handyman

    Experience the power of efficiency and convenience with the E-saw, the ultimate solution for all your woodworking needs. Take advantage of an exclusive discount today and discover why hundreds of satisfied customers have already gone before you. Buy now and make your woodworking projects effortless and more enjoyable with the best cordless mini chainsaw on the market! Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on an essential tool that will not only reduce your workload but also improve the quality of your work. Order your E-saw today!

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