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    Essia Ultrasone™ | 3-in-1 figure shaper

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    Let your body shine again

    Everyone eventually has to deal with cellulite, obesity or aged skin. Something that is completely normal and difficult to avoid. These problems can often be solved with drastic treatments that are expensive.

    We now have the solution! Namely, the Essia Ultrasone™ . This innovative and natural 3-in-1 device accelerates metabolism and removes cellulite, excess fat and wrinkles without any effort. You can use it anywhere on your body . After a while your skin will look beautiful and young. Ultrasonic, infrared and EMS technology in one!

    Beautiful and firm skin, just from home!

    No matter how hard we try to exercise or eat healthy, some cellulite and stubborn fat just won't go away. Now you can slim and rejuvenate these problem areas in the comfort of home with our non-invasive ultrasound technology!


    Using the Essia Ultrasone™ is cheaper than visiting a skin specialist. The results of a skin treatment do not last longer than 2 months. While the Essia Ultrasone™, on the other hand, only lasts for years.

    • Multifunctional
      Essia Ultrasone™ is a multifunctional device that performs numerous functions such as removing fat from desired areas, tightening the skin, relieving fatigue and anti-aging. The massager can be easily used on different parts of the body, such as the arms, legs, waist, back, abdomen and hips.

    • 5 EMS functions
      Essia Ultrasone™ simulates 5 EMS modes including tapping, kneading, massaging, scraping and slimming. The operation of the device stimulates muscle training and dissolves the surrounding fat, making the body firmer and slimmer.

    • Body Slimming
      Essia Ultrasone™ helps activate skin cells, improves cell metabolism and blood circulation. It makes the skin firmer and smoother. Essia Ultrasone™ works with a wavelength of 625nm and has a high energy density that can help with weight loss.

    How does the Essia Ultrasone™ work?

    The Essia Ultrasone™ uses focused, low-frequency ultrasound waves to target stubborn fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. The frequency of the ultrasound is set so that it destroys the cells that cause cellulite. Continuing cavitation therapy causes the breakdown of the fat, which is then naturally eliminated through the body's lymphatic and urinary systems.

    • Safe to use
      The Essia Ultrasone™ is designed for safe home use. No pain, no marks. All you will see and feel is firmer skin and a good feeling all day long.

    • Suitable for all skin types
      Thanks to its patented nanotechnology, Essia Ultrasone™ is suitable for all skin types. Use it in combination with your favorite cream and experience the softness of your skin in just a few minutes.

    • Relaxation of the muscles
      The Essia Ultrasone™ is not only suitable for reducing cellulite, body fat and skin impurities. It also has a muscle relaxing effect, so that the muscles can recover better after a long, tiring day.

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    Confident, all day long!

    Imagine having radiant skin after a few treatments with the Essia Ultrasone™. you will face the summer with confidence! The Essia Ultrasone™ not only removes excess fat, eliminates cellulite and removes wrinkles, but is also suitable for training your muscles with an EMS treatment.

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