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    FrostFighter™ No more higher electricity bills!

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    Melt the ice through the surface of your car in no time!

    Temperatures below zero and blizzards make it difficult to drive through the snow. Vehicles face multiple problems outside - steering wheels are frozen, windshields are blocked and the car can become buried under up to 1.3 meters of snow. In both situations, being left out is not an option. The FrostFighter™ offers an excellent solution. With this you never have to melter No more worrying about getting stuck in heavy snow - your car will stay safe from both snow and ice.

    Liascy™ FrostGuard Snow Melter

    Advanced defrost innovation for effortless ice and snow removal

    Immediately electromagnetic molecular effect that focuses on the ice blanket without harmful radiation and heating. Additionally, this antifreeze device not only clears snow, but also helps prevent it from refreezing between storms. It promotes NASA technology which can operate in exceptionally cold weather, even at temperatures of -20°C to -80°C. No more manual scraping.


    ✔ Electromagnetic technology: Our car defroster causes the air molecules to move violently and generates a large amount of energy , achieving the remarkable phenomenon of de-icing inside and outside the car.

     Vibrations with the same frequency: Frequencies that are comparable with the vibration and rotation frequencies of water molecules, the Physical characteristics of water molecules, causing them to actively vibrate, even at freezing point.

    Practical and stylish car accessory: The car defroster not only has excellent practical performance, but also beautiful and stylish appearance , making it an excellent decoration in the car.

    ✔ Top quality: Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials and advanced technologies with remarkable, automatic rapid defrost performance. It does not emit harmful odors and chemicals, so you can drive your car without compromising your overall health safety and Health.

    Durable and long lasting

    Our car defroster does not touch overheats and forms also no threat to the mechanism of your car. It can withstand several years of thawing by snowstorms or winter seasons without damaging or weakening.

    Comparative table:

    Feature FrostFighter™ Competitive product
    Electromagnetic Technology Defrost quickly and thoroughly Limited efficiency
    Vibrations with the Same Frequency Fast response to freezing Slow reaction
    Practical and Stylish Design Excellent performance, attractive Practical, less aesthetic
    Top Quality and Safety Non-toxic materials, safe Risk of harmful substances
    Durability and Long-term Use Withstands several years of thawing Less durability

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