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    GripStrip™ Cable management without the hassle

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    The ultimate organizer for a tidy environment!

    The ultimate solution for a tidy space! Are you tired of having messy power strips everywhere? Our innovative organizer is here to transform your space! Designed for power strips, WiFi router, paper towel boxes, adapters and remote controls. Perfect for home and office, for a tidy and orderly environment.      

    Space saving

    The GripStrip™ is perfect for jamming switchboards, remote controls, tissue boxes, routers, adapters and more; it organizes items well in a space-saving manner.    


    Dismountable and Reusable - The sliding design is easy to attach and separate. With the reusable acrylic gel you can clean multiple times while maintaining the original adhesion.  

    ✔ Install with ease and speed - No drilling required! Our clear acrylic adhesive sticks firmly without leaving any residue. It is strong and reliable and its adhesive strength increases over time. Enjoy hassle-free installation for a lasting hold.   

    Self-adhesive strip - Say goodbye to clutter. With this power stand you can better organize the placement of the power strip. Suitable for power strips, WiFi router, paper towel boxes, adapters and remote controls. Easy installation of your power strip.

    ✔ Compatibility - Suitable for places such as the kitchen, home, office, bathroom, bedroom and garage, for securing tools and much more.  

    Feel safer

    GripStrip™ provides a practical solution for malfunctioning cables and electrical boxes, reducing tripping hazards for children and pets and the risk of malfunction and electrocution.

    Comparative table:

    Feature Our GripStrip™ Average Product
    Installation No drilling required, self-adhesive and reusable May require drilling, not a viable option
    Sustainability Strong acrylic adhesive, no residue, increasing bond strength Variable adhesive strength, possible residue
    Versatility Suitable for various spaces and items More limited application, less versatility
    Space saving Optimizes storage space for multiple items Less efficient at organizing multiple items
    Safety Reduces tripping hazards and risk of electrical faults May not be designed with safety as a priority

    What's in the box?

    1x GripStrip™ No-hassle cable management

    Limited offering:

    Order now and organize your space efficiently with our GripStrip™!

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