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    HeadRelief™ - Innovative migraine relief cap

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    This new hat can relieve headaches and migraines in a completely natural way in just a few minutes

    The HeadRelief™ Heat and Cold Therapy Hood provides natural relief for all types of headaches. Say goodbye to headache pills and other medications. This revolutionary cap effectively combats headaches at the root.

    Headache is an unpleasant companion in everyday life - it throbs, aches and stabs - a clear thought is hardly possible anymore. The latest studies and surveys show that more than 66% of all Germans regularly suffer from headaches and their associated symptoms! HeadRelief™ offers the natural solution.

    HeadRelief's™ new and unique design

    The hood provides both heat and cold therapy in a single, foolproof product. It is the world's first headache solution that covers the head at a 360 degree angle to give you maximum relief.
    HeadRelief™ is made of dark materials that naturally block sunlight - a common cause of headaches.

    And best of all, HeadRelief™ is stretchy to fit any head size!

    The healthiest, most natural and most pleasant method against headaches

    HeadRelief™ is the best natural method for headaches, forget medications or ice cubes! Medication has unpleasant side effects - ice pads are often too cold and leave damage on the skin. HeadRelief™, on the other hand, offers total comfort whether it's hot or cold, our temperature insulating fluid is extra soft for comfortable wear whatever the occasion.

    Secret tip : Enjoy the comfort of HeadRelief™ while sleeping for pleasant temperatures and headache-free nights!

    The patented 360° compression model

    The expertly designed 360° stretch compression design of the HeadRelief™ hat relieves even the most stubborn pain, as it wraps around the entire head it can evenly distribute compression to reach all key points on the head for maximum relief. Enjoy instant relief and enjoy your day without pain!

    How should I apply cold or heat therapy?

    HeadRelief™ is equipped with temperature insulation fluid to maintain the desired temperature for as long as possible.

    Cold therapy: Place the hood in the refrigerator or freezer and remove it as soon as necessary. Thanks to patented technology, HeadRelief™ stays cold for up to 5 hours!

    Heat therapy: Heat the cap in the microwave for 10 seconds. If the cap is not hot enough, you can heat it at intervals of another 5 seconds to the desired temperature.

    A hat for all types of headaches.

    Headaches are not all the same - the plain-sounding term is deceptive: the severity, duration, character and especially the cause can vary widely. Whether it's cluster, migraine or sinus pain, HeadRelief™ helps every type of headache, melting the pain away in minutes.

    A hat you will never want to give away again

    Why continue to suffer from headaches when there is such an easy way out? With HeadRelief™ you can say goodbye to unpleasant headaches that hinder your daily life in just a few minutes. Of course, as a Luvenia customer you benefit from our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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    100% risk-free money back guarantee

    Our #1 priority here at Luxa is your satisfaction.
    This means that we stand behind our product 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will resolve it with a refund or replace your item. Whatever it takes. Please contact our customer service. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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