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    Metafix™️ I Master Mend repair adhesive

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    Repair holes and cracks in metal immediately!

    With Metafix™️, welding or soldering is a thing of the past. It provides a powerful solution for all materials and surfaces . Welding is not necessary; quickly repair cracks, holes, rust, welds and more. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, car and ship repairs , crafts, industrial applications and much more.

    A must have for DIY repairs

    Quickly seal your chips and holes and save $200 in professional fees by using our incredible Metal Repair Paste ! Easily patch up broken pipes, leaking buckets and corroded steel with this convenient and easy-to-use solution. No more torch welding required. Just mix and apply to those pesky holes! It is an extremely strong mix that will breathe new life into your broken metal surfaces! Must have for all your home, car & metal repairs.

    Why hundreds of people have gone before you:

    ✔ Powerful Repair Function - Instead of welding, meet all repair requirements. Once repaired, it is stronger than iron and can also be painted, tapped, drilled, polished, sanded, shaped and used for other operations.

    ✔ Wide application range - Suitable for repairing all surfaces, steel, metal, ceramics, wood, electronic components, home appliances, glass, jewelry, plastic, acrylic and so on.

    ✔ Durable and Reliable - After curing, it is waterproof, oil-resistant, mildew-resistant, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant. It delivers superior performance, quality and results for the strongest connection in the world.

    ✔ Easy to use - Mix AB glue in a 1:1 ratio and apply it to the area to be repaired. After 24 hours, all kinds of operations can be carried out.

    What do our customers say?

    This stuff works great. It mixes easily, does not drip, and hardens like a stone. Plus, it sticks to just about anything!
    George R
    I had a few holes in my metal surfaces that needed repairing and this repair paste worked perfectly. It's incredibly easy to use - just mix, apply and let it work. Within 24 hours my surfaces were as good as new again and the repair is holding up well.
    Tim K.

    How to use:

    • Preparation : Ensure the surface to be repaired is clean, dry and free of loose dirt or rust.
    • Mixing : Mix the Metafix™️ repair paste by mixing equal parts AB glue in a 1:1 ratio. Use a clean mixing tool for accurate measurements.
    • Application : Apply the mixed repair paste directly to the damaged area, ensuring even coverage and completely filling any holes or cracks.
    • Smoothing : Use a spatula or similar tool to smooth out the applied paste, ensuring a seamless finish and removing excess material.
    • Curing : Allow the repair paste to cure for at least 24 hours, or as directed in the product instructions. During this time the paste will harden and adhere to the metal surface.
    • Finish : After complete curing, the repaired area can be sanded, drilled, tapped, painted or otherwise treated to achieve the desired finish.


    Weight: 95g
    Dimensions: 12.5x5cm
    Temperature resistance: -40℃ ~ 200℃

    The package contains:

    1 * Metafix™️ I Master Mend repair adhesive

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