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    TotDefense™ - Protect your little ones with peace of mind!

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    Ensure your baby's safety - no more worries about head bumps!

    Babies and toddlers always fall while they learn to crawl or walk. Accidents are to be expected, but it is stressful to think to the impact on their precious heads. A blow to the back of the head can be serious cause injury , but we have the cutest solution that parents about the brings peace of mind to the whole world. It's a must, especially if you have hard floors!

    100% shock protection and peace of mind!

    The shock absorption and impact resistant materials give your little one an extra layer of protection while they play freely. The length of the backpack also protects your baby's neck and upper back during a fall - most of them baby helmets lack this feature. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that protects your head and upper back all around.


    Velvet Fabric - Ultimate Baby Head Protector is made of skin-friendly PP cotton fiber that feels soft and comfortable on the skin. This is made of velvet fabric, which makes it exceptional soft and comfortable while they wear and play.

    ✔ Lightweight and Adjustable - With the ultra-adjustable straps you can decide for yourself how well you want to fit this backpack on your little one, while still giving your baby complete freedom of movement. It can grow with your baby 4 to 36 months old and is intended for long-term use.

    Hole Prevents Flat Head Syndrome - The hole in the center of the pillow helps prevent flat head syndrome, so that the baby's skull maintains its correct shape when lying down for a long time.

    ✔ Cute designs your child will love - Not only will your little one be well protected, but it cute design will make your baby want to wear it again and again.

    Learn to walk safely

    Babies fall, that's how they learn. But imagine if you could turn those anxious moments into... confident steps ? With TotDefense™ you can. It is a soft backpack that takes the fall from you takes care of the little one protects head and allows him to explore without worries.

    Comparative table:

    Feature TotDefense™ Baby Helmet Average Baby Helmet
    Shock absorption and protection Provides 100% shock protection and protects the neck and upper back May provide limited shock absorption and lacks neck protection
    Material and Comfort Made of skin-friendly velvet fabric for comfort Materials can be less comfortable and cause irritation
    Adjustability Ultra-adjustable straps for optimal fit and growth Limited adjustability and growth options
    Prevention of flat head syndrome Equipped with a hole to prevent flat head syndrome Possible lack of preventive measures

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    1x TotDefense™ - Protect your little ones with peace of mind!

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